Hi, I'm Rachel Kaplan, M.A., M.F.T, licensed psychotherapist practicing since 2006. Helping people truly heal is my calling and I’m deeply grateful you found me. I have been studying the healing path since I was 14 when my innocence was annihilated by my first love committing suicide.

By 16, I was relentlessly focused on finding healing for myself and eventually for others. This pursuit led me on an international and life-long immersion in the world’s healing technologies. I lived in Nepal and India, studying Eastern Religions and Spirituality academically as an undergraduate, focusing specifically on yoga, and mindfulness meditation. I studied Western psychological methodologies in graduate school and received my master’s in counseling psychology. 

I blend ancient wisdom from these eastern practices with cutting edge, psychological techniques in my therapy practice and educational content as a podcast creator, guest, and leader in the global conversation about mental health and wellness.

What’s most amazing FOR YOU, is that through this life-long journey, I have been able to uncover the single most necessary tenant of emotional healing.  I can teach you this life changing practice so you too can have true well-being and emotional resilience: the new happy.

Welcome to the feelings movement!

Your life is about to change.


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