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What's possible for you in this session?

How do you know if it's right for you?


What's possible is that I'm going to really drink in who you are, how you're stuck, where you're suffering and what you've done so far, just to get a sense of what what's missing.

Why are you still stuck?

I'm going to help you in your understanding of yourself and also give you a lot of resources (audio and video) so that you can take our single session and actually build on it into a lifetime practice of self care and wellbeing building.

Now, how do you know if this is right for you?

Basically? I said it...

  • You're stuck.
  • You're suffering.
  • You've tried to heal yourself.
  • You've tried to learn to love yourself
    and you still feel like you're your worst or harshest critic.
  • You're still struggling either in relationships or at work.
  • You're still afraid that if people knew you well enough and really saw all of you that they might not love and accept you.

The challenges you face could really be in any arena of your life, because how we do anything is how we do everything.

I will get a real sense of what you need, kind of regardless of what you share.  I'm pretty good at this, it's my life calling.

What I will promise is we will use our time well and you'll be scaffolded and you will have a sense of direction.

You'll have a map of where to take your healing work.

You will feel profound, be impacted and guided and supported by this single session.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to me.  Blessings on your healing, whether or not we work together one on one or not.

I'm really glad you're in this 'feelings movement' with me. I think we are going to slowly change the world by just being willing to be how we are and feel how we are and love ourselves from that place.

Take good care and hopefully I'll talk to you soon.

~ Rachel

* appointments must be rescheduled within 48 hours, last minute cancellations will not be refunded.

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