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Live Workshop: How to Be Your Own Valentine

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Just in case all of your self improvement plans are starting to wear thin or you are feeling less capable of following through with your new year’s resolutions, this workshop is here to help you stop getting in your own way. Understand what may be underlying your inability to follow through and which parts of you need the most support in order to actually achieve your dreams.

In this workshop, you will gain tools to:

*Understand how core wounds contribute to your fear in actually achieving what you most desire.

*Recognize the most important (and often least capable parts of you) that need to be on board with goal making and planning.

* Support and heal the parts of you that need it so you can move forward.

* Use emotional release work to break through your upper threshholds of happiness and success.

*Differentiate between spiritual bypassing type of “mindset work” with actual helpful mental boundaries that will support you.