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Live Workshop: Longing for Partnership

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As we enter the month of Valentine’s Day, the pressure and hype around relationships, dating, and love increases. This workshop is oriented more for folks not in and wanting relationships but we will also address how the hype can harm or pressurize people who are in relationships. Overall, you’ll learn how to support hard feelings that can come up about relationships and be really loving and supportive AND EFFECTIVE with these emotions. 

Specifically, you’ll leave understanding

* How to deal with the grief, fear, and negative self-talk that can come up when you want and don’t have a romantic or intimate connection.

*How to productively release the painful emotions connected to longing.

*How can you support yourself if you do want love and aren’t in a relationship?

*How to root deeply into who you really are to maximize the possibility of finding the right relationship if that’s what you want.

*How to work with the longing that these commercialized holidays can bring up to not pressurize your relationship.