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Navigating Your Wants Versus Shoulds In The New Year

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How do you tune into Your Inner Truths of What You Want As you Enter the New Year.

Social media and our own inner critics can get very ambitious around the new year.

We are sold all kinds of self improvement strategies and can easily feel peer pressured into changing or improving.

This workshop will reinforce your ability to know how you are and what would actually serve you so you can follow the joy of your wants and the importance of your needs versus all that external shoulding. 

This workshop will help you know how to:
  1. Listen deeply to what’s right for you instead of your internalized pressures..
  2. Learn how your early wounding may contribute to being susceptible to outside influence.
  3. Identify whose voice you use to talk to yourself.
  4. Learn practices to help you stop shoulding on yourself
  5. Learn how to accept, love, and be yourself in a world trying to profit off of you being “better” or different.