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- Access to all live workshops & recordings (2 monthly + 9 from 2022) (Value $726 if you buy lives and $1,221 if you buy recordings!)

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Monthly Themes for 2023:

  1. BONUS MONTH: December 2022 - Emotions and all the feelings that come up during the holidays.
  2. January: Anxiety Around New Years Resolutions
  3. February: Attachment Theory and Core wounds-Why is Everyone Messed UP?
  4. March: Self Care/Healing your Inner Child
  5. April: Basics of Feeling your Feelings
  6. May: Advanced Strategies for Feeling you Feelings
  7. June: Anger and Sadness
  8. July: Fear and Shame
  9. August: Realizing How Strong You've Become
  10. September: Relationships for Emotionally Potty Trained Adults
  11. October: Emotional Potty training parenting 
  12. November: Boundaries & Overgiving
  13. December: Dealing with Family of origin



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