How to Be Your Own Valentine: How Do You Love Yourself

Live Workshop, February 15 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET


We all receive a lot of messaging about self love. Particularly at this time in the calendar year, it can seem like self love is simply buying ourselves flowers and chocolates, but those on the healing path know it’s not so simple. This workshop will provide you the steps to actually create a loving relationship with yourself and the parts of you that DON’T LOVE YOURSELF, that enables healing and the slow steady cultivation of lasting self love.

You’ll leave understanding:

  • Where the sense that you are imperfect, unlovable, and not enough comes from.
  • How to use the two wing bird of healing (reintegration and emotional release work) to heal the parts of you that feel inadequate or unlovable.
  • How to navigate the BS filled world of mindset and manifestation when it comes to establishing genuine confidence and calling in what you actually want.