It's time to for you to's your turn to be connected to yourself, confident and emotionally resilient so you can create a life you love!

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YES! I'm ready to heal!

Does this sound like you?

You're tired of not feeling like you are enough.

You want to feel confident and lovable.

You are ready to stop avoiding hard emotions.


I want to share this message with every person who wants to have unshakable emotional resilience and the confidence you can handle whatever challenges come up in life (or whatever life throws at you).

And, for the person who is desperate to know deep in your being that you are enough, but struggle with doing life and frequently find yourself trying to avoid hard emotions and numbing yourself with addictions like overspending, over eating, substance use or scrolling for hours and hours on social media.

Here's the biggest reason you are struggling right now and why it’s so hard to be emotionally resilient, truly happy and navigating life with profound peace and ease.

It's because you have NEVER been taught how to effectively process and move your emotions.

It’s not your fault. No one taught you.

However, if you don’t learn now how to work with your emotions your life and relationships are always going to always be more difficult and you'll never achieve happiness the way you desire and deserve!

Which means you will continue living a mediocre existence ignoring and stuffing hard emotions into your body and numbing yourself with your drug of choice.

And, worst of all, you will feel stuck, anxious, depressed and  overwhelmed with your emotions think you are ok but deep down suffer imposter syndrome and anxiety; questioning yourself, and your worth.

Hi, I'm Rachel Kaplan, M.A., M.F.T, licensed psychotherapist

practicing since 2006. Helping people truly heal is my calling and I’m deeply grateful you found me. I have been relentlessly studying the healing path since I was 14 when my innocence was annihilated by my first love committing suicide.

By 16, I was relentlessly focused on finding healing for myself and eventually for others.

Rachel Kaplan, M.A., M.F.T, licensed psychotherapist

This pursuit led me on an international and life-long immersion in the world’s healing technologies. I lived in Nepal and India, studying Eastern Religions and Spirituality academically as an undergraduate, focusing specifically on yoga, and mindfulness meditation. I studied Western psychological methodologies in graduate school and received my master’s in counseling psychology. 

I blend ancient wisdom from these eastern practices with cutting edge, psychological techniques in my therapy practice and educational content as a podcast creator, guest, and leader in the global conversation about mental health and wellness.

What’s most amazing FOR YOU, is that through this life-long journey, I have been able to uncover the single most necessary tenant of emotional healing and this program and where it guides you will teach you this life changing practice so you too can have true well-being and emotional resilience: the new happy. Welcome to the feelings movement! Your life is about to change.

I’m only one person and it’s physically impossible

to meet with everyone as a private client.

SO... I am going to share the next best option for you!

I created the self paced program 'Emotional Mastery: DIY Healing Through Emotional Potty Training' to serve more people just like you.  Let me tell you more about it...

It’s a two part program that begins with Healing Your Inner Child and finishes up with the Emotional Potty Training you never had!  

This is a powerful combination!  Here's why...

Admit it...

You have a constant voice in your head saying

'You’re messing up!

'You aren’t enough!'.

You feel anxiety socially and professionally.  

You often struggle with moods and depression, and  ultimately, you feel like you just aren’t lovable as you are, you aren’t enough, if people knew you, they wouldn’t love you.

This is. The. worst. AND, it’s sadly all too common.

The good news is that it makes a lot of sense that you have these parts of you and...

It is completely possible to heal them and begin to truly love yourself and therefore enjoy your life!

The first half of the course will guide you to do this.

It will help you understand why you have a part of you that is wounded;

call it your inner child, your inner critic, or your core wound.

You learn how to build a loving, & supportive relationship with this part which helps it heal.

The second part of the course is going to teach you to

release a backlog ofunfelt emotional pain, trauma, and wounding and

free you to love yourself and your life!

Emotional Potty Training will help you to build the tools and skills to actually heal yourself and change your life for the better.

After studying the world’s healing technologies, I have found that the skills taught in THIS course are the single handedly most important skills you will have to cultivate genuine and lasting self love and emotional resilience.

You’ve probably heard about it on the internet, feeling your “feels” is the new hip trend.

(AND THANK GOODNESS as a culture we are finally recognizing the importance of this)

But How the heck do you do it?!

This course will teach you how.

Through long form audio classes, and fun, easy to digest shorter videos, you will learn to work skillfully with each of your human emotions so that you know that once life gets dicey and hard, (which sadly it always seems to) that you can handle it because you can move your feelings through you!!

I promise you, if you take this journey and apply these skills to your life, you will be changed for the better and you will be equipped to create and live your best life with profound peace and ease. 

You will be emotionally resilient: the new happy!

Here’s what you will learn: 


  • Introduction: Wounds are NORMAL
  • Module 1: How Did We Become So Wounded?
  • Module 2: How Do We Create Healing Relationship with Your Wounded Parts


  • Module 1: Discover Why Having Your Feelings Can Change Your Life.
  • Module 2: Basics of Moving your Emotions
  • Module 3: Elements of Success


  • Module 1: Overview on the 4 Emotions
  • Module 2: Anger
  • Module 3: Sadness
  • Module 4: Fear
  • Module 5: Shame
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You will be taking charge of your emotional healing to become the best version of you for yourself and every relationship in your life.


What’s the cost if you don’t take control of your healing…

It’s a devastating loss of your potential,

Your relationships will suffer,

Your finances could suffer,

You will always have a nagging feeling of being stuck and

doubting yourself and your worth!

You deserve and are capable of more.

It’s Time to Heal and Live Your Best Life - Before It's Too Late!

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