The 6 Week Guided Healing Journey

starts October 12th!

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Here's what others have had to say about the 6 Week  Guided  Healing Journey...

"I cannot recommend The Guided Journey through the Sh*t Show enough. After listening to the podcast and working with Rachel as a therapy client, I knew I wanted to deepen my work. I’ve experienced firsthand how transformative and healing it is to work with Rachel one-on-one, and she brings to the Guided Journey the same thoughtfulness, compassion, and ability to cut through the bullshit."

"I’m so grateful to Rachel and The Guided Journey through the Sh*t Show, and also to myself for showing up. The Guided Journey is beautiful and hard work, and I felt like I truly got as much as I put in."

"Before I attended the course I had already listened to Rachel’s podcast. So the course, for me, was less about the material and more about being in a group of people who were learning the same things I was learning. I got the opportunity to put into words thoughts and feelings that I had, up until then, reserved for my therapist. Though it wasn’t comfortable, sharing in the group it  helped me begin to find strength in expressing and feeling emotion. The course set up a safe place to be able to share what I was, as well as what others were working on. It opened space for me to realize that I was, in fact, a shit show. As well as allowed me to see that so was everyone else and that is part of it. With the lil community Rachel intentionally created, I was able to find more ease and grace. I came to see my ugly parts more clearly and with love. If you’re on the path of figuring yourself out, the 6 Week Guided Healing Journey can be a wonderful mirror."

Yes! I want to join the Guided Journey!